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Aqua Massage XL 250 Profiler

Aqua Massage XL 250 Profiler:

Choose our Aqua Massage XL 250 Profiler Model. This is the workhouse of the Aqua Massage product line. with a stainless steel canopy, 36 waterjets and pump. It is primed to provide years of relaxation and revenue making.

The benefits of aqua massage include increased blood circulation and oxygen absorption, an increase in range of motion along with a decrease in inflammation and muscle tension, along with an increase in endorphins.

The Aqua Massage XL 250 Profiler Model is perfect for: Wellness Centers, Retail Locations, Commercial Application etc.

Aqua Massage XL 250 Profiler Model Include:

Optional Chiller System
Used for non-air-conditioned locations and for applications where water temperatures less than 90 F are required. Chiller systems are designed to meet specific customer requirements.

Optional Remote Timer Key Switch & Reset Button
Used where centralized control of the "Time" and "Reset" functions are required. Specify cable run distance from machine to the central location. Includes 50 feet of cable.

Optional Electronic Session Counter
An electronic sensor activates if the machine is occupied. Each occupied session will be registered on a digital display. All time settings are recorded independently.

Optional Token or Coin Activated Timer Control with Stand and 100 Tokens
Uses one token per time increment programmed on the Touch Screen Control. Each additional token will increase the time to the next time selection. Easily programmable for difference size tokens or coins.