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Aqua Massage
Uses water but YOU stay dry and clothed!

Fifteen minutes of aqua massage can equal 30 minutes of “hands on” massage. Feel relaxed, refreshed and invigorated after an Aqua Massage. Aqua Massage is recognized around the world as the best dry hydrotherapy system.

Aqua Massage Leasing has been the authorized dealer for new machine sales for 26 years for Aqua Massage International. We also sell certified, pre-owned units and offer full service and maintenance.

The Aqua Massage is manufactured by Aqua Massage International and is all U.S. made.   It is the world’s premiere dry-water massage system.

All Aqua Massage machines are delivered and installed by AMI, Inc. factory trained representatives. All our units include a warranty.

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Aqua Massage Spa

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